Competition Guide

Mars Rover Event

Design a rocket and Mars rover to launch to at least 1000 feet and deploy the Mars rover. The Mars rover must be fully contained in the rocket before being deployed. Once deployed, the Mars rover must return to the ground safely. Once landed, the rover will take a picture with a camera. Up to four images will be taken, each image in the forward, left, right, and rear direction. Afterwards, the Mars rover shall release a bright colored marker that can be easily found. The marker must be placed at the point of landing. It cannot be tossed, shot, or projected beyond its landing location. Once released, the rover must then travel 10 feet and release a second marker. The rover then must turn or move 90 degrees in either direction and travel 10 feet. Travel must be completed within ten minutes. Time starts at the time of landing. Method of travel is up to the team.

Sounding Rocket Event

The mission is to launch a sounding rocket to an altitude above 1200 feet and not to exceed 2000 feet. Five seconds after launch, the payload must start taking images of the horizon at no greater than 1 image per second. Once the rocket lands, the payload must stop taking images. The payload must include sensors and a XBEE radio transmitter to send telemetry. Telemetry must be sent at a 5 Hz rate and include current altitude, current speed, acceleration, spin rate and a count of the images taken. The count increments by one each time an image is taken. A ground station is required to collect the telemetry and display the data. The telemetry must indicate when a picture is captured.

Target Altitude Event

Design and build a rocket to fly on any commercial certified F level rocket motor to an altitude of 1312 feet. The rocket closest to 1312 feet wins. The rocket must safely recover and be in condition to be flown again. The team must perform two successful flights meeting all the requirements out of three attempts. Two attempts must meet the requirements or be disqualified. The altitude difference from 1312 is used as the score. The scores from the two successful attempts are added together. The lowest score wins.